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NH – GUN NEWS – Manchester man gets 12 months for pointing gun at BLM protestors

One of two people charged with brandishing a gun last May while confronting Black Lives Matter activists was sentenced to 12 months of jail on Monday by a judge who said that violence jeopardizes everyone’s right to peacefully protest. Manchester resident Scott Kimball, 43, also faces three years of probation, must obtain a mental health evaluation and must participate in racial sensitivity training. A plea bargain calls for suspension of a 3½-year prison sentence as long as he stays out of trouble for five years. The arrest of Kimball and his son, Mark, 19, took place last May as Manchester and much of the country grappled with the death of George Floyd and other African Americans at the hands of police. Manchester police arrested the Kimballs after they drove their pickup truck, emblazoned with a Trump flag and Confederate-flag sticker, down Valley Street in May as Black Lives Matter members rallied at the Manchester police station. As a crowd jeered the truck, it turned around and parked in a nearby lot. Scott Kimball pointed a loaded gun at several of the Black Lives Matter protesters, according to court papers. The 254 days Kimball has spent in Valley Street jail so far will be counted against his sentence. He is already eligible for a good-behavior release under state law, having served two-thirds of his time. Kimball’s son is scheduled for trial in May.  [full article]


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