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NH – HUNTING – NH’s muzzleoader deer season starts Oct. 31

More than 20,000 hunters are expected to take to New Hampshire’s woodlands during muzzleloader deer season, which runs from Oct. 31-Nov. 10. According to Fish and Game officials, muzzleloaders are single-barrel, single-shot firearms which require the bullets, primer, and powder to be loaded through a muzzle each time before firing. Muzzleloaders harken back to pioneer days, but have become a popular sporting firearm in recent years. “Deer hunting is very popular in New Hampshire,” Dan Bergeron, deer biologist and game program supervisor said in a news release. “People enjoy the opportunity to spend time in the field with friends and family. They also appreciate the high food value of venison, which is a naturally fed, free-range source of lean protein for thousands of New Hampshire families.” Last year hunters harvested approximately 12,306 deer in the state, Bergeron said. “If you assume each deer provides 40 pounds of venison, and that each venison meal weighs one pound, that amounts to almost a half a million meals of venison enjoyed each year,” he said. Bergeron said New Hampshire’s 11-day muzzleloader season is extremely popular among hunters “because of its early timing, milder weather, and the high level of buck activity that happens leading up to the peak of breeding in mid- to late November.”  [full article]

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