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NH – OPINION – Jonna Carter: Pistol Packin’ Mama

With 2020’s hat-trick of COVID-19, Joe Biden’s win and the NRA’s legal woes, gun sales in the U.S. have exploded. This year has seen the greatest surge in American history. Anyone involved in the firearms industry would be wise to always vote the Democratic ticket to ensure banner sales. While 2018 saw what the industry called “the Trump slump,” every Democratic administration since Bill Clinton has seen an escalation of gun purchases. Fearful of having their right to bear arms rescinded, the Second Amendment junkies are stocking up. In this pandemic year, guns have been selling like … well, toilet paper. You’ll want to have both at hand before you’re seated. You just never know. These are panic buys, and I get it! In 2016 I had my rights rescinded, and they have not been restored. The following is my tale of woe. My Second Amendment rights were violated by a company I trusted and supported — Apple. Without any warning, Apple took away my gun emoji, replacing it with a water pistol. How was I to express extreme frustration by shooting myself in the temple with a water pistol? The Apple pistol was the only gun I’d ever held. I loved it dearly, and in the blink of an eye — or the tap of a finger — it was gone! With Tim Cook at the helm, Apple has forged important societal terrain making landmark emoji statements on issues from gay marriage to climate change. This, however, stepped way over the line. It’s supposed to be a well-regulated militia,Tim, not an abolished one! I have a thorny history with emojis. At the start I hated emojis finding them a ridiculous, juvenile and lazy form of expression, and I refused to engage. My best friend used to inundate me with emojis simply because she knew such a barrage would cause me to shriek. Self-made entertainment at my expense. (She has been well-schooled by the master.) Once I discovered the gun emoji, however, a new world was opened to me.  [full article]

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