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Hunting for Hogs VIDEOS

Hogs Wild – Fighting the Feral Pig Problem – Texas Parks and Wildlife  8:41 min.

Feral hogs are running wild across Texas, at great cost to farmers, ranchers, and native wildlife.
Hunters are helping, but science may prove critical to controlling the invasion on a broader scale.
For more information on feral hogs and feral hog control, visit: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/.

Hog Hunting with Night Vision and Thermal Gear  3:58 min.

Keith Warren with a sneak peek to future episodes of High Road that were filmed during hog hunt using Armasight equipment.

Hog Hunting 3rd Gen Night Vision Vs Thermal  3:07 min.

Hog hunting in Texas filmed with third gen night vision, and thermal at the same time, using the LWRC six8 spr Razorback, Armasight apollo clip-on, Vortex razor hd ii 1×6 scope and the Hornady 120sst.

Wild Boar Hunting With Thermal. Graphic: 25 Kills  8:56 min.

The heat from the hogs overcome the tall grass that pigs use for camouflage.

Wife Goes Hog Hunting for First Time  9:47 min.

Ocean spoon girl wanted to go hog hunting. We are on a ranch in east Texas and after the sun goes down, we are breaking out the night vision and thermal gear and trying to get her the first hog of her life.

HOGPOCALYPSE 2016: Thermal Hog Hunting with Lone Star Boars and the Armasight Zeus 336 3X  3:48 min.

19 Hogs Down with Lone Star Boars and the Armasight Zeus 336 3X Thermal Weapon Scope.

4 Hogs and a 409 Yard Thermal Kill Shot with a FLIR RS64  5:27 min.

A group of 12 hogs are spotted 150 yards away. As the shooting begins, Gunner the resident Weimaraner bird dog shows up and wants in on the action. When all is said and done, there are 4 dead hogs recovered, the last of which was taken at 409 yards away.

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