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NJ – GUN CONTROL – A New Jersey Populist Strategy to Obtain Gun Control Support from Gun Owners

Historians have long referred to the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to 1939 as “the European Testing Ground for World War 2.”?Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy gave armed support to the ultimately victorious Fascist Nationalists led by General Francisco Franco while the former Soviet Union assisted the Loyalists who fought for the Spanish Republican government. Similarly, since former Governor Jim Florio’s successful enactment of the assault weapons ban in 1990, New Jersey has been the national testing ground of the battle between 1) the National Rifle Association (NRA) and 2) gun control advocacy groups favoring a national assault weapons ban, enhanced background checks, and gun registration.??Yet as?former Republican?Congressman from Florida David Jolly has predicted, there is no way that any action will be taken by the President or Congress on gun issues prior to the November, 2020 elections. For the Democrats, these gun issues are manna from heaven. As US Senator, Joe Biden was the original prime sponsor of the ten-year federal assault weapons ban enacted in 1994. For suburban women voters, gun violence is the principal 2020 issue. Their votes are the key to the presidential election of Joe Biden and a Democratic House and Senate in 2020.  [full article]

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