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NJ – LE – 6 people killed, including a police officer and 3 bystanders, in Jersey City shooting (VIDEO)

Six people were killed – including a police officer and three bystanders – in a raging gun battle Tuesday at three locations in Jersey City, forcing schools into lockdown and rattling nearby residents in the city’s second active shooter situation this year. Detective Joseph Seals, a married father of five, was shot near a cemetery and was pronounced dead at a hospital, police chief Mike Kelly said at a press conference. Three unidentified civilians and two suspected gunmen died at a kosher supermarket. A second officer was struck in the shoulder by gunfire, and a third was struck in the body. Both wounded officers — Ray Sanchez and Mariela Fernandez — were released from the hospital, Kelly said. Authorities said there was no immediate indication of terrorism. The shootout began when officers received a call of shots fired at a supermarket, which is next to a synagogue and yeshiva, in the city’s Greenville neighborhood across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, around 12:30 p.m, Kelly said. Officers arriving on the scene were met by high-power rifle fire, he said. Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, Jersey City Police, Newark FBI and Newark ATF responded to the scene, and law enforcement formed a perimeter around the supermarket, Kelly said. The shootout continued for nearly four hours.  [full article]

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