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NJ – LE – Retired Cops Sue Over New Jersey Gun Restrictions

In an effort to more easily exercise their right to carry a concealed firearm, retired New Jersey police officers brought a federal lawsuit Monday claiming they shouldn’t have to get a state license because they are automatically granted the right to carry a gun. Represented by lead attorney Nicholas Harbist with the Princeton firm Blank Rome, Richard Bowen, Joseph Jakubiec and Christopher Martinez argue that the state’s requirement that retired officers must obtain a separate permit for concealed carry violates their rights under the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. “The right is concrete and is within the competence of the judiciary to enforce – if an individual meets the statutory criteria of a ‘qualified retired law enforcement officer’ and carries the identification required under LEOSA, he or she is entitled under federal law to carry a concealed firearm,” the 26-page complaint states. In New Jersey, the unlawful possession of a firearm can carry a sentence of up to nearly four years. The state requires retired police officers to obtain a so-called RPO permit before they are able to carry a concealed firearm. In order to obtain the RPO permit, a qualified retired officer must pay a $50 fee and file an application with the superintendent of state police, who has the right to deny any application. If the application is approved, the retired officer must pay another $50 annual fee to renew the permit. The complaint notes that officers over 75 years old are no longer eligible for the state permit, even though they qualify to carry under the federal law.  [full article]

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