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NJ – OPINION – Allowing concealed carry gun law in New Jersey is common sense (VIDEO)

The topic of guns in America rears its ugly head every time there is a shooting.  Last month, when an armed man stopped a gunman at a church near Fort Worth, it became a rallying cry for those who believe the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and for those who point out that the states and cities with the most stringent gun laws have the highest incidents of gun crimes. Those states have basically made it clear that law-abiding citizens do not have the right to protect themselves, and the police have stated time and again that they are very rarely in the right place at the right time to prevent attacks. We now have laws that eliminate bail for criminals and simply put them back on the streets until their trials. We have another state that has decided that Rikers Island needs to be shut down and the four replacement facilities will only be able to house about 50% of the existing capacity, which will also mean more criminals on the streets. Since our politicians care more about votes than protecting their citizens, maybe it’s time for those same politicians to be held responsible for any crimes committed under ridiculous laws that expose citizens to a greater risk of attacks while at the same time refusing to allow the citizens the right to protect themselves. The only alternative would be to have a police escort for citizens upon request. Florida, once it made concealed carry permits easier to obtain, saw a dramatic drop in armed robberies and carjackings at gunpoint.  [full article]

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