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NJ – RETAILERS – Urban Tactical Firearms: New gun store in Jersey City doing brisk business

Fernando Colon has had only one issue since he opened his gun store, Urban Tactical Firearms, in Jersey City at the start of the new year: He can’t keep enough guns in stock.

“Sales have been through the roof,” he said. “I can’t keep them on my shelves.” Colon said he sells an average of 60 firearms a week — with a Glock model 19 the most popular purchase, followed by shotguns. He said he’s not sure of the reason for the surge in sales. He credits the fact that his store is just the second that sells guns in Jersey City — and a growing desire for protection. “It’s a lot of first-time gun owners,” he said. “Even friends of mine — people who hate guns — are coming in here. I’m not sure why, but I know we’re not the only store facing this issue. It has been difficult getting guns and ammo from manufacturers. There is a lot of demand right now.” Colon joined the Army after graduating from Hudson Catholic in 1996, serving from 1999-2012 in the infantry. Because of this, he said he understands the importance of gun safety and gun knowledge, offering classes through his store on 548 West Side Ave.

The classroom training, which is four hours, is done at the store, Colon said. Then there’s two hours of training at a local range.  [full article]

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