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NM – RETAILERS – Guns, ammo a hot commodity in Pueblo, retailers say

On a typical business day, Greg Collins says he might sell a handful of guns and a few boxes of ammunition. “Now we’re selling from 30 to 50 guns a day,” said Collins, owner of Bam Bam Firearms and Sporting Goods in the Regency Shopping Center. “Business has been excellent: Some days, we do in a day what we normally do in a month.” Along with toilet paper, sanitizer and bottled water, you can add firearms, and especially ammunition, to the list of in-demand items resulting from the ongoing coronavirus scare. Mirroring a nationwide trend, local gun dealers began seeing a surge in sales once the full weight of the pandemic crisis reached Pueblo. Although it might be labeled as “panic buying,” in uncertain times, Collins said people want to be able to protect themselves and their property. “It started as a gradual spike and then exploded two weeks ago,” he said. “Handguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories. In fact, I’m out of most of the popular ammos. I’ve been getting them in but as soon as I get them, they go out.” Collins said the “vast majority” of the customers are first-time buyers: “people who have never owned a gun and never wanted a gun in their house, until now.” “Until now” being the key phrase. “People have told me they want to be able to protect themselves and their families,” Collins said. “They are worried about police not being able to respond, say in the event of a home invasion. Police are there to enforce the law after a crime is committed, not to protect you in the living room when the criminal is busting through.”  [full article]

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