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No Sell or No Sale?

The urge to take advantage of a good thing might only shoot blanks, after all

What might seem like a bogus effort to achieve some cheap widespread national publicity could do a disservice to other firearms retailers. Elsewhere on these pages is a story of a Las Vegas gun store that claims to have sold everything in the store over last weekend except the toilet paper. To prove it, store owner Brandon Burns allowed a selfie tour of his empty shelves that earlier in the week were fat with all the guns anyone would ever want plus the ammo that could be shot from them. “We don’t have anything (more to sell),” Burns said. Indeed, the video revealed empty shelves except for four or five rifles, almost each one a .22lr and one shelf in a glass handgun display case that only held revolvers.

On the surface, we’d ordinarily greet the store’s good fortune but, what at first seemed like buying to assuage a virus panic, also suggests a creative effort to drop a wool screen over everyone’s eyes. In other words, a bogus effort with more value as entertainment than with a screaming run on gun sales. Las Vegas has somewhere near 60 gun shops. Burns establishment appears to have been the only one to have “sold out of everything.” Appearing in the video as “stars” of the production are several of Burns “employees.” We think they were there early one morning to bring the “sold” merchandise out from a secure vault – Vegas is not immune from break-in gun theft. It’s just not apparent that Burns’ store had been criminally wiped out – before being placed back on display before the store opened its doors for a new business day. In the end, Burns might have just snuffed the Daily Mail reporter; it’s a Brit tabloid, after all and what do they know about guns?

It’s a good ruse: videos of the owner showing us that in a rush to gun-buying judgment, customers targeted just his store to enrich. We’re told that the store is a bit off the Las Vegas Boulevard beaten path and is located in a near-country setting, close by the Clark County gun range, not exactly a fast food-type crash-and-grab-gun store. In any case, we have the video and our readers can make up their own minds about getting out to Spartan Arms and Range Supplies before the next shipment of guns and ammo clear the cash registers. 🙂

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