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Norma Introduces New .17 HMR V-MAX

Norma® has expanded its rimfire line-up with the introduction of its new .17 HMR V-MAX.  A great round for varmint hunters and small game hunters, the Norma .17 HMR V-MAX delivers tremendous accuracy and hard-hitting performance all the way out to 200 yards.

Norma’s .17 HMR V-MAX is engineered to deliver high energy upon impact and for exceptional accuracy at rimfire distances. It features a 17gr polymer tipped V-MAX bullet designed for rapid expansion and has a screaming fast 2560 feet per second muzzle velocity. The MSRP for a 50-round box is $12.78.

“The .17 HMR has a very loyal following among hunters and target shooters alike,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “With outstanding accuracy and excellent energy transfer, Norma’s new .17 HMR V-MAX lives up to the reputation of this blistering fast rimfire caliber.

For more information on Norma ammunition and components, please visit Norma-ammunition.com

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