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Now You See It, Until You Don’t

Does “the house just went up in a cloud of smoke” have any relevance for you?

Bob Rogers

In the “monkey see, monkey do” narrative, onlookers instantly become quizzical. Twice, recently, I was standing in a Walmart check-out line. The young man ahead of me was openly carrying his pistol. “How’s it feel to be living in a state that agrees with your gun philosophy?” I asked. “As it should be,” came the dry and wryly response. Sensing commemoratory after a bit more prompting, he opened up: “Where I come from,” he directed, “carrying anywhere, anyhow, is illegal.” Such is the power of the Constitution, but only if the people who run “where I come from” also believe in the Constitution.

The propaganda arm of the gun control movement – NYT, WaPo, LA Times…a thousand others whose print product has fallen on hard times – and the C,en,enners on TV – are rife with appropriated words and phrases that the controllers tell them they have to use. What was once “gun control” is now “gun safety.” It just sounds a bit more harmless and assigns a seat on the team bench to those players who have yet to be called to battle.

We all have our reasons for why we carry or why/how we don’t. I’m a bit more nonchalant than to stand up in front of a crowd, beat my chest, and announce, “I’ve got a gun! (but I don’t aim to shoot anyone).” Rather, “Who’s that idiot in the cowboy hat with what looks like a rabid nodule on his waist?” My hope is that I won’t be the first one shot and might be able to get off a round and “hero” my way to the parking lot.

This comes to mind by way of copy-catting. Yesterday, Walmart announced that they would ask open carriers to not carry openly. Good manners. Thank you for asking. Makes sense to me. To others, mainly those who want to make a statement, just want to, uh, make a statement. Then Kroeger fell into line. The word spread and the bandwagon began to fill, such as lists of others who in the relative recent past have asked their patrons to not visibly pack heat in their business premises for fear of scaring the hot sauce out of Chipotle’s dinner serving and messing up the floor.

Not famous as a food emporium – though, lately, they’ve decided that potato chips and prescription drugs are harmoniously compatible – Walgreen’s is “asking” their customers not to open carry while shopping for opioids in their establishments, at least until they figure out what is really more fatal, a shot of oxy or a .357 magnum.

Fear not, friends. Soon you’ll see Demanding Moms strolling their baby buggies through Cabela’s looking not for the ammo Walmart will no longer sell them but for fireplace kerosene to counter the approaching winter. “It’ll be a cold day in Hell…” or some such.

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