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NV – GUN RIGHTS – Some Nevada sheriffs back lawsuit to block red flag gun law

A group seeking to block Nevada’s red flag gun law has received the backing of several rural Nevada sheriffs and is in talks with others, said Nevadans Citizen Action Network cofounder Julie Hereford, who argues the law tramples due process and Second Amendment rights. So far, Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen, Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen and Eureka County Sheriff Jesse Watts, who vowed to fight the law until there is “no fight left in (him),” are individually backing the lawsuit. No counties have signed onto the lawsuit. A spokesman for Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo declined to comment. The red flag law, which took effect this month, allows police, family or household members to petition a judge to confiscate the guns of people deemed a threat to themselves or others. It was passed at the 2019 Nevada Legislature. In a posting on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Watts criticized Gov. Steve Sisolak, who called the law a memorial to the victims of the 2017 Las Vegas Strip massacre, as a “misguided” politician politicizing tragedy to pass gun control laws. “As the duly elected sheriff of Eureka County, Nevada it is my duty and responsibility to stand with my citizens and against you and unconstitutional government overreach,” Watts said. He stopped short, however, of saying he would not enforce the law.  [full article]


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