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NV – GUN SAFETY – Do your homework before purchasing firearm for Christmas

With Thanksgiving Day and the associated festivities behind us, we can now turn our holiday planning efforts to Christmas. There is the tree to put up and decorate, lights to put on the house and gifts to acquire. For hunters and recreational shooting types, one of the popular gift options is a firearm and has been for generations, but there are some things to consider before putting a firearm on your gift list either as a giver or a receiver. First and foremost, firearms ownership carries with it serious responsibilities. Moreover, there are legal obligations that come with a firearm that do not apply to other gift options. Second, there are regulatory hurdles that may not be worth the hassle and the potential problems associated with the transfer of firearms. You have to make that determination. Whether you are the giver or a potential receiver, what you do not want to do is put the other person in an awkward position. Here in Nevada, with few exceptions, the sell or transfer of firearms between people who do not have a federal firearms license requires successful completion of a background check that is facilitated by someone who does have that license. The process for acquiring a background check for this situation is outlined in Nevada Revised Statutes (202.2547).  [full article]

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