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NV – HOME DEFENSE – Homeowner shoots and injuries intruder near downtown Las Vegas (VIDEO)

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a shooting near downtown Las Vegas. The incident took place around 5:23 p.m. in the 100 block of North 15th Street at the Fremont Villas. “It’s shocking, and the neighborhood needs to step up,” said nearby neighbor Bruce Schilke. According to police, a homeowner was inside his apartment when a man unknown to him, attempted to burglarize it. “This area is pretty calm. It’s just mostly like drugs and stuff. People get into fights but not breaking into houses,” said Harley Gill, who lives at 15th and Fremont.

At some point, the homeowner fired at least one round at the suspect, striking the burglar. A neighbor across the street defends the victim’s actions. “Thank God the homeowner had a gun and protected himself,” said Schilke. “These home invasions have got to stop.” The injured suspect left the scene but was located near 14th Street and Fremont near a convenience store. A clerk at the store showed News 3 video from around the time the burglary happened of a customer they say came in with a bullet wound.  [full article]

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