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NV – HUNTING – Clark County commissioners consider banning varmint hunts (VIDEO)

Clark County commissioners are considering a resolution to ban competitive predator hunts, also known as varmint hunts. It’s an issue 13 Investigates has been exposing for years. Varmint hunts are organized killing sprees where teams pay a fee to enter what they consider is a social, competitive game. The hunters compete for prizes that go to the one who claims the most lives. The groups are known for hunting coyotes and other animals. Back in 2012, 13 Action News interviewed hunter Kyle Stinnett, who said at the time there was at least one varmint hunt every weekend across Nevada from September through March, though his annual September hunt was the only one in Las Vegas. “I have as much right to do the hunting, to do the animal trapping, to do any of that that I want to do, just like anybody else has the right for gay marriage, or transgender, or anything that anybody says is not right,” said Stinnett during a 2012 interview with 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears. Hunters say there is some profit in prizes, but it’s also about predator control. “We had approximately 60-something coyotes killed total,” he explained during the same interview. “People need to know that without these coyotes being shot, you’re going to end up with them in town,” said Stinnet, “eating your house dogs, on your golf courses, eating your cats.” But animal activists don’t see it that way. “Coyotes serve a really important function because they kill some of the smaller mammals that may carry disease,” said Karen Layne of the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society to Spears in 2012.  [full article]

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