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NV – SHOT Show – Range Time: Here’s What Happens at the World’s Largest Gun Trade Show (VIDEO)

Machine guns, flamethrowers, a Humvee rolling down the Strip, and a wedding. It was all there in Las Vegas at the world’s largest gun show: SHOT Show 2020. At this year’s show, Washington Free Beacon staff writer Stephen Gutowski explores the showroom floor, interviews industry leaders and gun-rights activists, shoots a freaking minigun, eats the best steak in Vegas, and watches Elvis marry a couple of gun-rights activists. He takes you through the insanity that is the gun industry’s annual trade show and answers many pressing questions. What is the latest offering from Glock? What do reform activists think of the NRA’s newest policy position? How is John Correia of Active Self Protection, one of the largest YouTubers out there, trying to improve firearms training? How far can a $3,200 flamethrower shoot? Watch the video and find out the answers to all these questions and more!  [full article]

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