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NV – TRAINING – The Best Bang for A Buck: Gun Blast Named Best Gun Range in Vegas for 2020

Las Vegas is famously known for a plethora of features from gambling to shows, concerts and raves, and everything in between. Every year the Best of Las Vegas Board Votes on the most sought after restaurants and attractions that continue to wow customers and building a “must-see” reputation. Gun Blast Vegas is the latest recipient to be added to this list, receiving the award for Best Gun Range in Vegas for 2020. The announcement of this prestigious award has opened up a whole new conversation regarding the future of modern gun ranges. Typically the stigma around ranges follows the same key themes: old-school, run-down, grumpy, politically charged, etc. Gun Blast Vegas has taken the common conception of a gun range, and flipped it on its head, re-creating the image around not only ranges but instructors as well. Created in August 2018, the idea for Gun Blast Vegas came from the acknowledgment that most gun ranges in the Las Vegas area are limited for shooting only, and don’t provide any basic education on firearm safety and proper use. On the other hand, if a customer desires such education to use a firearm or improve their skills, they must opt for classroom lessons, which are often long and boring. By marrying innovative teaching techniques to engage students with top-tier safety instruction; Gun Blast Vegas has effectively created an immersive experience for anyone to enjoy.   [full article]

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