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NY AG’s Impeccable Timing on the NRA

One of those unintended consequences just left the ballpark

Roiling America’s gun owners is something gun controllers just love to do. The result usually evokes a backlash from LaPierre Central and Letitia James’ poking the NRA’s bear last week was no exception.

It may not seem appropriate to thank God for James’ most recent attempt to scuttle the continuing controversy over NRA’s finances, but somebody, somewhere was asking for help to dislodge the happy camp of liberal anti-gun politicians and, just as the country winds down weeks into the national election. James just served up the fastball that none of the controllers wanted.

Ms. James, New York State’s Attorney General, loudly announced her effort to dissolve the NRA mainly over financial issues. Amplifying her announcement, of course, drew top story time and space for the anti-gun media which cheered James’ courage. What they overlooked was doing that during the run-up to November 3rd,  couldn’t have been timed better to give the NRA – and a couple of million spanking brand new for-the-first-time-gun buyers – voters, all – a reason to be scared to death of politicians coming to take away their newly acquired self-protection and home defense tools sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic. But that’s not all.

Prior to her election as New York’s Attorney General, James had called the NRA a “terrorist organization.” That, some felt, should have kept her from gaining office. Since it didn’t, she obviously felt such vociferous language insulated her from further attacks by LaPierre and/or New York gun owners.

Going after the NRA is no small feat. It’s been tried – and failed – before.  The result has always been adjusting practices that have drawn the ire of other NRA members at higher – power or financial – levels.  Yet, the NRA as we know it is still with us.

Like the organization or not, it remains one with which to be reckoned. Any attempt to dissuade its 5 million – or whatever the official number – members and now, add a couple of million more – probably voters all – to what our writing colleague, Steve Comus, calls Gundom (America’s gun owners), only helps reelect Donald Trump and maybe even more importantly gives him a chance to nominate a third Supreme Court Justice and guarantee a conservative Court for decades.

That gets our vote. Thanks, ‘Tish.

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