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NY – GUN CONTROL – New gun control proposed in Albany: Owners would need minimum liability insurance of $250,000

Antonius Wiriadjaja thought he was hearing fireworks. It would make sense — it was the day after Independence Day: July 5, 2013. The next thing the Brooklyn man knew, a stray bullet collided with his chest and he watched blood pour from the critical wound. “It missed my heart by a mere inch,” Wiriadjaja recounted during a press conference Wednesday in Albany’s Legislative Office Building. “The shooter was aiming for a pregnant woman. I didn’t know either of them.” Wiriadjaja was walking toward a subway stop at 2 p.m. about one block from his apartment when he was unexpectedly shot. A local barber heard the noise and came to his aid — holding a hand over the gushing wound to prevent him from bleeding out. The pregnant woman was shot in the legs, but Wiriadjaja received medical treatment and was placed in a medically induced coma. “I woke up four days later and was the happiest person on earth,” he said. The heroic barber was later shot and killed while visiting family in South Carolina. “He saved my life, but I couldn’t save his,” Wiriadjaja said. Wiriadjaja was one of several members of New York-based lobby group Gays Against Guns who joined assistant Assembly Speaker Felix Ortiz, D-51, Wednesday to unveil new gun control legislation in the state Assembly.  [full article]

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