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NY – GUN RIGHTS – Coronavirus crime worries are making New Yorkers want guns

With thousands of cops out sick, cocky criminals on the loose, and people running out of money for food and rent because of COVID-19, the Rosario sisters of Staten Island want to arm themselves for what they fear could be a coming crime surge. Nicole Rosario, 35, a stay-at-home mother,  is angry that she can’t get a gun. “It’s my constitutional right,” she said. “But that doesn’t seem to matter. I live in New York which means it’s impossible. That’s crazy and unfair.” The FBI reported a 300 percent increase in gun sales across the country in March, compared to the same period a year ago.  But New Yorkers are shut out, with the Empire State one of only five states where gun stores have closed, despite recent guidelines issued by the Department of Homeland Security saying they should be considered essential business. And forget about even applying for a firearm permit in NYC; the NYPD has closed its licensing office.  [full article]

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