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NY – GUN RIGHTS – Gun laws must keep north country in mind

I feel it important to go on the record regarding guns and the Second Amendment. All too often, this issue is painted as falling along clear partisan lines, but the truth is far less clear cut. Boiling a position down to the NRA’s multiple-choice questionnaire can oversimplify and confuse the issue. I speak with north country residents to understand how these laws actually affect their lives and our communities. I have been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment for my entire life. I own three long rifles, two shotguns and a handgun for personal protection. I am a member at the Norfolk Rod and Gun Club. And since taking my hunter’s safety course at Massena Rod and Gun Club, I’ve hunted small and large game every year. My dad taught me gun safety at a young age. And when I swore my oath to the U.S. Constitution and joined the U.S. Army, safety and training were our top priority. Now as a National Guard officer, I trust my soldiers to handle their firearms. I think it is time we send a representative to Albany who will work to rewrite gun laws in this state to be more region-friendly and to keep us safe. I have looked at students in my classroom with the horror of imagining another Sandy Hook. Knowing that any of those children could become a victim of random gun violence is a haunting fear we can’t ignore.  [full article]

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