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NY – GUN RIGHTS – St. Lawrence County gun owners ask lawmakers to declare county Second Amendment Sanctuary

Demands that the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators create a resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary Monday night, drew about 70 members of the public, all in support. Lawmakers had to move the meeting from the county Legislative Chambers to the St. Lawrence County Supreme Courtroom due to the numbers. Among the crowd, 14 people signed up to address the board, many addressing their concerns that their Second Amendment rights were being infringed upon by the state, many citing the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, or SAFE Act. Wyatt Cole, Colton, spoke on behalf of the what he said was the newly formed St. Lawrence County and Town Second Amendment Sanctuary Facebook group, which was inspired by the Oneida County and Towns 2A Sanctuary private Facebook group which has 11,146 members along with events leading up to and following the pro-gun rights rally in Richmond, Va. Mr. Cole said there were over 130 counties that have become Second Amendment Counties across the nation. “If we continue to stand idly by while our constitutional rights are being infringed, it will allow these political machines to have domestic domain over the commonwealth of America,” Mr. Cole said. “It will lead to powerful and ambitious politicians to only work for their own profit and personal gain without the unity of the people for their common interests.” He said while New Hampshire and Vermont have some of the loosest gun control laws in the country, they also have little gun violence. “I also believe we all agree on something different than what the New York SAFE Act dictates for us here in St. Lawrence County and the north country in its entirety,” he said. The Second Amendment Sanctuary County movement has also taken hold in Lewis County with the Jan. 4 creation of a Facebook page called “Lewis County and Towns 2A Sanctuary,” which has gained over 2,100 members.  [full article]

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