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NY – GUN RIGHTS – WNY senator decries proposed ban on gun raffles

As a Long Island Democratic senator introduced legislation Monday that would prohibit gun raffles across the state, a fellow senator from Western New York was sounding the alarm. “(State Sen. Jim Gaughran is) trying to say, ‘We’re going to make you safer,’ even though this will do nothing to make anybody safer,” said Rob Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, who held a press conference Monday in opposition to the bill. Assemblyman Joseph Giglio, R-Gowanda, told the Times Herald earlier this month that he also opposes any bill that bans nonprofit organizations from offering guns in fundraising raffles. Ortt said Gaughran is either misinformed or, more likely, trying to take advantage of a public that doesn’t realize raffle winners have to go through the same process as anybody buying a gun in New York. “This is not common sense gun reform,” he told Spectrum News. “There’s nothing common sense about this reform. In fact it lacks total common sense and total understanding by Sen. Gaughran.” For his part, Gaughran said he wants to “make sure that we’re not glorifying assault-type weapons and some of the raffles that we have seen on Long Island, including raffling off parts that could be used to assemble a military style weapon.” A similar Assembly bill proposes an outright ban, but Gaughran’s bill does exempt veterans, volunteer firefighters and police organizations.  [full article]

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