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NY – HUNTING – Deer hunting in NY could be crowded this year as license sales explode

Sue Jerzak of Honeoye has lived in Honeoye for 18 years and a particular thought has crossed her mind from time to time. It’s about an annual pilgrimage, and plenty of people around her are part of it every year, but she’s never been part of it. This autumn, that will change. Because after plenty of thought and consideration, Jerzak finally pulled the proverbial trigger and is now licensed to hunt whitetail deer. “I’ve wanted to try it for years,” said Jerzak, 45, who took the Department of Environmental Conservation’s mandatory Hunter Education Course. “I have friends who hunt, but I grew up in Rochester … I’ve always had an interest, but nobody to do it with.” Jerzak is not alone. And if the numbers for 2020 are any indication, she and plenty of other new hunters won’t be alone in the woods when the regular season (gun) for deer in the Southern Zone opens at sunrise on Nov. 21. DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos on Sept. 10 tweeted that the sale of hunting licenses on Day 1 this year was three times the number sold on Day 1 of 2019. This comes on the heels of news earlier this summer that the number of people who registered to take the Hunter Education Course was nearly double the total number that took the course in 2019. “There is anecdotal evidence that more people are hunting this year,” said Kelly Stang, DEC Wildlife Biologist and Hunter Education Course coordinator. “License sales for a number of resident hunting licenses were up this past spring over the same time period last year. What we don’t know yet is if they were new hunters or hunters who just had more time this spring to actually get out turkey hunting.”  [full article]

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