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NY – HUNTING – New hunters for 2020 big game season – 40,000 of them!

After these past several months, many folks have been pursuing a new passion to embark on a new mission in the outdoors. Their ultimate plan is to quench their curiosity for adventure in an unfamiliar woodland setting to find a wild meat harvest. More than 42,000 new hunters have now completed the New York state online hunter safety training course required to purchase a hunting license with free time at home. More than 12,000 have completed the bowhunting course, as well. Their goal, this fall, will be fresh venison in the freezer. In the process, they’re about to learn details of survival, tradition, finding comfort in strange places and the fun to be shared chasing whitetail deer for the family pantry. It’s not just New York. More than 60,000 first-time license buyers have joined the ranks of sportsmen in Tennessee because of the free time that the new pandemic rules and widespread closures have allowed. Imagine all of this increased interest in the outdoors is because of stay-at-home orders. No soccer, no little league baseball, no school for the last several months and with remote employment becoming the new norm, and few diversions from other civic activities, there is time to consider hunting and fishing. It’s easy to quarantine in the woods. Social distancing is safe and straightforward. While hunters hitting the woods for the first time will not be wearing a mask, fresh air is suitable for all of us, the new army of hunters will need mentoring. They passed the rigid standards of the written course, but there will be additional safety concerns in the field with live ammo for the big game firearm season.  [full article]

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