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NY – INDUSTRY INSIDER – AG orders ghost gun companies to stop selling assault weapons in New York

Attorney General Letitia James on Monday sent a letter to 16 ghost gun companies ordering them to cease selling assault weapon kits in New York. “Assault weapons are illegal in New York, and the sale and/or advertisement of these products violates New York law,” James wrote in the letter. “You are directed to cease the sale and advertisement of these products to residents of New York within five days of the receipt of this notice.” Although the letters that James sent are a matter of public record, her office declined to identify the companies that were targeted. James’ letter also targeted the sale of “receivers” that are used to make semi-automatic rifles, but did not explicitly instruct the companies — most of which operate through online websites — to cease selling kits used to make handguns. James issued the letter 10 days after the Times Union published a story highlighting how law enforcement agencies across the state have begun seizing more of the guns — which are sold 80 percent finished to avoid federal regulations that do not define them as firearms until they are fully built. Very few states, including New York, have laws specifically prohibiting the purchase, possession or sale of ghost guns. Several lawmakers have proposed bills that would do that.  [full article]

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