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NY – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Bankrupt Remington gun company lays off 585 NY workers

Despite finding a new buyer, the bankrupt Remington Outdoor Compay laid off 585 employees on Monday and said their benefits would expire later in the week, without severance pay, according to the union that represents them. Some of the workers, though, may be called back to work in the coming months. ”This outrageous action by Remington Outdoor company is a slap in the face,” said Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers, which represents most of the more than 700 people who work at the gun factory. He said the union is exploring legal options to fight the layoffs and lack of severance pay. ”We are now working with the new company to get the plant reopened and start putting our members back to work,” he said. “But the old, failed Remington had one more kick in the pants for our members.” Burdened by buyout debt and battered by lawsuits from families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, in which a Remington-made semiautomatic rifle was used, the historic gun manufacturer went into reorganization bankruptcy earlier this month.  [full article]

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