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NYC – GUN POLITICS – Bloomberg Previews Gun Control Push for 2020 on Staten Island

Mike Bloomberg was sent to City Hall through Staten Island — voters in the borough helped him get his start. So not even two weeks into his presidential campaign, the mayor came back Wednesday night. Bloomberg is already vastly outspending his rivals even though he just threw his hat into the ring. So far, the former mayor hasn’t been targeting his fellow Democrats in the race. Instead, he is aiming at the current occupant of the White House. He did so even on Staten Island which heavily supported Trump in 2016. “I always thought the president of the united states should be the leader of the entire country, not the leader of a political party,” Bloomberg said. The former mayor plans to head to Colorado on Thursday to unveil his anti-gun violence agenda. Bloomberg has been battling for gun control reform for years.  [full article]

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