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OH – GUN RIGHTS – Gun activists seek ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ designations in Ohio

To Stark County’s Joe Berlyak, legislative gun control proposals like Ohio’s Senate Bill 184, a “red flag” measure that would temporarily remove guns from people deemed to pose a danger to themselves or others, are cause for red alert. The Desert Storm veteran who owns Louisville’s Patriot Watch Media is spearheading a drive to make Stark County a “Second Amendment sanctuary” that won’t enforce state or federal gun laws that local authorities deem unconstitutional. “It seems like every time you turn around, they are throwing out another bill in the middle of the night,” Berlyak says of state legislators in Columbus. “We wake up to see it in the newspapers and we are supposed to accept it. This is not about Republicans or Democrats, this is about the Constitution.” Borrowing a theme from “sanctuary cities” that pledge not to assist federal efforts to deport undocumented immigrants, hundreds of communities around the country – including Ohio’s Clermont, Meigs, Lawrence and Scioto counties – have already declared themselves to be “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” “Clermont County Commissioners will not authorize any County Official to expend County funds for the purpose of enforcing illegal and or unconstitutional laws or ordinances that seek to limit law-abiding citizens right to keep and bear arms,” says a resolution the commissioners approved on Jan. 13. It is almost identical to a Meigs County resolution approved the previous month.  [full article]

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