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OH – GUN RIGHTS – Two rallies in four days: Why Ohioans feel strongly about gun restrictions

In August, a gunman killed nine outside a Dayton bar. In September, gun rights supporters and gun control advocates gathered at the Ohio Statehouse – on separate days – in the hopes their divergent messages might reach lawmakers and Gov. Mike DeWine. DeWine, a Republican, has proposed a 17-point plan to reduce gun violence. DeWine said he’s talking with gun rights advocates to introduce bills that will pass the GOP-led and pro-gun legislature. But they’re not 100% on board yet, especially with DeWine’s variation of a “red flag” law, which would allow a judge to issue “safety protection orders” to remove firearms from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others. During the Sept. 14 gun rights rally, Ohio Gun Owners founder Chris Dorr accused the governor of turning his back on his constituents and using the political leverage of his office to promote gun control. Dorr’s remarks drew cheers from the crowd as well as shouts of “recall” and “resign.” “That’s exactly what he should do,” Dorr said. “He should come here; he should come down out of his ivory tower up there, his regular offices are up there in the top of Riffe Building; he should waddle down and cross that street and stand up here and apologize to each and every one of us for the knife in the back that he’s given us.”  [full article]

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