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OH – GUN SAFETY – With a record number of guns confiscated in January, community stakeholders ask what more can be done (VIDEO)

Twenty-month-old Tyree Halsell’s life ended before it even began. “It was snuffed out and it was senseless,” said Wonderous Halsell, his grandma. “He was just starting to get the grasp of things. He was just starting to explore things.” For Wonderous Halsell, the pain of his loss is still as fresh as the day it happened. “He was a lovely boy,” said Halsell. “You took my sweet angel.” Tyree died in August in a drive-by shooting on Akron’s east side, and more than 6 months later, his killer still has not been caught. “If they find the killer, they find the killer. But I know who is going to find him first and that’s God,” she said. The Halsell family is not alone in their grief, as Tyree was one of several children who lost their lives to violence in Akron in 2020. Lt. Michael Miller with the Akron Police Department said they’re working to make sure that doesn’t happen again. “If this summer, in particular, has taught us anything, it allowed us to hear the needs and the pleas from the community,” he said. “The message for the community is, simply, that we have not forgotten. We have not forgotten. Those incidents have had a ripple effect across the community and it has the full attention of our senior leadership on the police department.” Lt. Miller said that plea was to make the streets safer. “We believe that getting these guns off the street, hopefully, we will start to see it pay dividends with decreasing the number of incidents,” he said.  [full article]

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