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OH – HUNTING – ODNR: Find a new way to experience fall during the wild turkey hunting season

The arrival of cooler weather and changing tree leaves means Ohio’s fall wild turkey hunting season is underway, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. The fall wild turkey hunting season is open until Sunday, Nov. 29. Both gobblers and hens are legal game during the fall hunting season. “Wild turkey hunting is a favorite pursuit for many Ohioans, and the fall season provides new and exciting challenges,” said Division of Wildlife game bird biologist Mark Wiley. “Remember that hunting wild turkeys requires patience and practice. We hope you enjoy your hunting season this fall.” Fall wild turkey hunting is open in 70 of Ohio’s 88 counties. A full list of open counties and details regarding fall turkey hunting can be found in the 2020-2021 Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulation guidebook. One turkey of either sex may be harvested during the fall season, and a valid hunting license and fall turkey permit are required. Hunting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset. Shotguns using shot, as well as crossbows and longbows, and permitted. Hunting turkeys over bait is prohibited, and turkeys are required to be checked by 11:30 p.m. on the day the bird is harvested. Hunters are advised to wear hunter orange clothing when entering, leaving, or moving through hunting areas to remain visible to others. Hunters are required to fill in their wild turkey permit upon harvest with the date, time, and county of kill. Submitting the harvest information through the Division of Wildlife’s mobile app fulfills this requirement.  [full article]

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