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OH – RETAILERS – Online Gun Sellers Skirt Scrutiny, But Stricter Rules May Be Coming

William Wood answers the door to his suburban Columbus home with a Glock 19 on his hip. His two toddler-aged children, Daisey and Wesley, peak out from behind his legs. Cartoons are playing on the TV as Wood shows me his gun collection in the living room. He pulls loaded gun magazines off a closet shelf, buried underneath Monopoly and Candy Land. “This camo one here shoots a .300 Blackout, this is a standard 5.56 round,” Wood says. “The kid in Dayton, he used that, unfortunately.” Wood lays the guns down on the kitchen table and pulls up a chair in front of the window fan. It’s hot, and an army green bandana catches the sweat on his forehead. His brown hair sticks up in spikes. I contacted Wood on Facebook Marketplace, where he was selling a Ruger gun. He’s been selling guns on Facebook and other platforms for 10 years. “They don’t allow gun sales anymore on Facebook, so we’ve had to get a little creative when it comes trying to advertise something like that,” he says. By creative, he means posting pictures of gun cases instead of the actual firearms. Facebook Marketplace is littered with posts like that in the Central Ohio area. “We’ve had to make fake names and fake profiles and other stuff like that, to keep ahead of this,” he says. “And I feel that we shouldn’t have to. It’s the same thing as selling a bicycle or a used car. A used car could be more dangerous than a gun can be.”  [full article]

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