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OH – SELF-PROTECTION – Cleveland Bakery owners arm themselves with guns as violent protesters try to get inside

What started as a peaceful demonstration in downtown Cleveland to protest the death of George Floyd turned violent on Saturday. Those intent on turning the protest into a riot, systematically smashed out windows and looted stores, restaurants and bars. But when they got to Corbo’s Bakery on Euclid Avenue, they were met with resistance. After protesters tried to force their way inside with bats and other weapons, owner Joe Corbo and his two sons armed themselves with guns and told the rioters that they would not allow them inside the bakery.

You can see the video below. “We don’t want any trouble, we don’t want you guys in here damaging our property, we’re just protecting our business and truthfully, I would say maybe 80% of them understood, they left us alone and kept walking, and then there was that 20% that just were accusing us of some things and crazy things that just weren’t true. We weren’t there to hurt anybody or cause a problem, we were just protecting our business,” said Co-owner Selena Corbo. The protesters apparently took note of the weapons and the determination of the Corbo family to protect their bakery and decided to move on to other businesses, but not before breaking out a large window at Corbo’s.  [full article]

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