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OH – SELF-PROTECTION – Fewer Ohioans seek conceal-carry licenses in 2019

Ohio sheriffs last year issued the fewest number of new licenses to carry concealed handguns since 2011 as the number fell by 22% to 54,426. Also, 77,959 concealed-carry permits were renewed last year, a drop of 21% from the record 98,927 renewed in 2018. But the 2019 number still was the second-highest ever. In Summit County, new licenses fell 22.8% to 976 and renewals dropped 21.1% to 2,169, according to the annual report for 2019 issued Monday by the office of the Attorney General Dave Yost. In Franklin County, the state’s largest in population and the No. 1 issuer of permits, new licenses fell 22% to 4,740 and renewals dropped 12% to 4,226. Concealed-carry permits have been renewed 494,862 times since the law was enacted in 2004, but not all of those would still be valid. The state does not keep cumulative statistics on licenses issued. Permits must be renewed every five years. The number of licenses revoked by county sheriffs was cut in half last year to 939. Law requires concealed-carry licenses to be permanently revoked for conviction of a disqualifying crime or a disability due to mental illness or substance abuse, among other factors.  [full article]


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