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OH – SELF-PROTECTION – ‘We can’t be afraid.’ In A Cincinnati Church Basement, Black Women Take A Class Together: Learning How To Fire Guns (VIDEO)

New Prospect Baptist Church is home to one of the largest black congregations in Cincinnati. On any weekend there you’ll find weddings, funerals, and three Sunday services. Not exactly a place you think you’d find 179 women firing .22-caliber handguns in the church basement. But that’s exactly what happened on Feb. 8, when the church opened its doors to what state officials believe is one of the largest women-only, concealed carry gun certification classes held in the state of Ohio. Over and over, the women cited the same reason for coming to the class. They were tired of being scared – of guns, of being alone in a home, of walking in some neighborhoods. Karen Bolden, 56, of College Hill, was so scared of her husband’s guns she asked him to get rid of them when they got married two years ago. He did, but she’s working to conquer her fear. When Bolden’s sister alerted her to the class – and suggested they go together – she jumped at the chance. “This is why this class is so important,” Bolden said. “We can’t be afraid.” The class was organized by two men: the church’s pastor Rev. Damon Lynch III and Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Pastor, a Republican who appeared at the class sporting a t-shirt reading “All gun control is racist.”   [full article]

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