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OH – SELF-PROTECTION – Will you be ready to save a life when the situation arises?

CPR has long been considered a valuable expertise. Similarly, defibrillator shock pads are as common to see mounted on walls of workplaces and public spaces as fire extinguishers, and civic-minded individuals are encouraged to know how to use them in an emergency. Now add two more lifesaving skill sets to what is needed to survive in our culture, in which violence and addiction are unfortunately common: active-shooter training and the know-how to quickly administer a dose of naloxone to someone who is in danger of dying from an active opioid overdose. We’re thankful Dispatch Reporter Holly Zachariah recently reported on both types of training. It is not just sad but infuriating that we need to know how to react for our own safety and to help protect others in the event a madman with a gun shows up in places where we should feel safe —workplaces, our children’s schools, places of worship and in venues where we go for entertainment and relaxation. Remember “stop, drop and roll”? That mantra can be effective for what to do if your clothing suddenly catches fire. But today one is more likely to be fired upon, and we need to know how to “avoid, deny and defend” — survival tactics taught in a recent course at the James G. Jackson Columbus Police Academy.  [full article]

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