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OH – SHOOTING SPORTS – Looking Back At The 2008 National High Power Rifle Long-Range Championships

From the vault: This article by Maureen Hammerquist covers the 2008 NRA High Power Rifle Long-Range National Championships at Camp Perry, where John Whidden garnered top honors for the second year in a row. As published in the November 2008 issue of Shooting Sports USA: There’s a sense of familiarly for shooters coming to compete at the NRA national championships at Camp Perry, OH. Participants anticipate the camaraderie, sportsmanship and personal achievements well before they take that first step up to the firing line. And even newcomers are well versed in the unique and often difficult weather conditions that present challenges to the most steadfast competitors. In a similar scenario to his 2007 champion finish, John Whidden’s placement in the relays meant he was in the pits while his competitors finished the match when he heard news of his repeat victory. And like last year, he was unsure of his score. “We were sitting down there in the pits counting on our fingers and toes, trying to figure it out. Didn’t really know for sure,” a grinning Whidden said. Whidden overcame Robert Gustin of Cameron Park, CA, by just 8 Xs shooting a 1239-65X out of a possible 1250-125X to Gustin’s 1239-57X to take his second national championship. Sgt. Brandon Green of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit followed in a close third after firing a 1238-64X. After completing the last 15 shots in the individual Palma Match, Whidden knew he was still five points behind Green. “I got to watch Brandon shoot, and was more nervous watching him shoot then I was myself shooting,” he said. [full article]

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