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OH – TRAINING – Boardman Students’ App Tests Gun-Law Knowledge

It’s the second time students from Boardman, Ohio High School students have won the Congressional App Challenge for Ohio’s 13th District, but this time, it was a group of young women. “That’s an interesting thing because there’s not a lot of girls who take the technology classes and we’re thrilled,” said Evelyn Stanton, technology teacher at Boardman High School. “They’re great girls.” U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan presented certificates to Emma Davis and Ranean Sulebi, juniors, and Alara Erzurum, senior, Tuesday morning at Boardman High School. The team of young women worked together for two months to invent  the Ohio Gun Obtaining Quiz app, an informative app with a goal of creating awareness of Ohio’s current gun laws. “The technology they were using has real world implications and all three of these girls said they think about school shootings happening in their own school,” Ryan said. ”They used that concern as a way to help,” Ryan said. The nationwide app challenge was created three years ago. The goal is to get kids competing around technologies, but also to try and solve broader, social or economic issues through the use of technology and how to work in teams. While they were building the app, the young women had to work as a team to solve problems, an essential skill they’re going to need as they move through the world, Ryan said.  [full article]

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