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OH – TRAINING – Ohio’s largest public shooting range ready to open at Delaware Wildlife Area

Ohio’s largest public shooting range, located at Delaware Wildlife Area in northern Delaware County, will open Friday, Dec. 4. The shooting range was previously closed for repairs while major enhancements and renovations were completed, as well as construction of a new indoor Archery Training Center. The $8 million range improvements include 96 total pistol and rifle shooting stations as well as upgraded backstops, making it the largest public shooting facility in Ohio. Along with a new entrance and parking lot, other additions include restroom facilities, range master building, and three new archery ranges. The renovated shotgun range features target launchers and six designated shooting stations. The new range entrance is located at 1110 State Route 229, Ashley, Ohio 43003, about 5 miles north of Delaware. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visitors are required to have a valid Division of Wildlife range permit upon arrival to use the gun ranges. All archery ranges are open to public use during regular business hours free of charge. The renovations to the Delaware Wildlife Area shooting range were paid for by excise taxes on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment appropriated through the Wildlife Restoration Program. This program is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and funds are distributed to states based on the number of paid license holders. All people age 18 and older shooting on Division of Wildlife Class A, B, and C ranges are required to purchase a shooting range permit. Permits are not sold at the shooting ranges. These permits partially offset the cost of operations, maintenance, trash removal, and improvements. Shooters age 17 and under do not need a permit but are required to be accompanied and directly monitored by an adult (age 18 years or older) holding a valid shooting range permit.  [full article]

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