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OK – GUN CRIME – Penn Square Mall has second shooting in four weeks (VIDEO)

Police are still looking for the man they say fired several shots inside the Penn Square Mall Saturday night. No one was shot, but for the second time in a month, people had to shelter in place inside the mall while police searched for a shooter. In December, a fight near the Footlocker ended with a shooting that injured one man and landed another in jail. In the hours after shots were fired Saturday, mall-goers described the all too familiar sound. “All the sudden, I hear three or four loud gunshots go off,” said Andrew Albright. Without knowing exactly what happened, people had to look for a place to hide. “I won’t come here again,” said Gia Crowl. “I’ll at least try not to come here again.” Off-duty police officers and deputies were inside working security and responded right away, but some say the mall should do more to stop guns from getting in. “It needs to be more security,” said Janet Webb, who works in the mall. “If we’re not going to have guns in the mall, it can’t just be just a sticker, it needs to be something more pronounced. There needs to be better security in the mall for people that work here and people that shop here.” Since a law change last fall allowing people to carry guns without training or a permit, some businesses started putting up stickers saying guns aren’t allowed. What they might not realize is people might not be breaking the law if they carry one anyway. “A person that walks into a business that is marked ‘no gun’ has still not committed a criminal act,” said Don Spencer, the president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. “It’s only a criminal act if it’s discovered he has a firearm and then refuses to leave.”  [full article]

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