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OK – GUN RIGHTS – Oklahoma business owners can either welcome or bar gun-carrying customers under state law

Despite a shooting that took place in a Duncan Walmart parking lot Monday, owners and operators of Oklahoma businesses are conducting business pretty much the same way after Nov. 1 as they did before a change in state law allowed most Oklahomans to carry firearms without a license. Kiley Raper, CEO of the Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association, said some members have grappled with the question about whether to allow customers carrying firearms into their properties since November 2012 — when a change in state law then gave licensed firearms carriers in Oklahoma authorization to open-carry weapons — while other members have continued to welcome gun-carrying patrons into their establishments without reservation. As for those with questions, Raper said the association is telling members the best way an owner or manager can deal with a situation involving a gun-carrying customer who makes other customers uncomfortable is to address it the same way they do whenever they address other, similar situations that are created for entirely different reasons.  [full article]

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