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OK – GUN RIGHTS – TAKING AIM: Sentimental value of guns

We all (gun owners, that is) seem to have at least one. That firearm, be it pistol, rifle, or shotgun, which just plain, “Ain’t for sale!” The sentimental firearm isn’t necessarily a valuable firearm. More often than not, it can be found on the lower end of the firearm dollar scale due to its age, scruffiness, or initial purpose, which is reflected by value. For instance, a weather beaten, single shot, J.C. Higgins bolt action .22 didn’t cost much purchased new. But if it came down from grandfather to son to grandson, well, it inherently gains value. To the owner. My family has one. It is a tack-driving Marlin Model 39 lever action, circa 1961. Because it belonged to a young boy whose father didn’t take him out with it much, it came into my hands in pretty decent condition.

It is still in pretty decent condition. And in the hands of my oldest son, it is certainly still a “tack driver.” My wife’s brother bought the gun new for his son, Randy, with the intention of making some father-son memories. However, hard times intervened and the firearm was sold at auction along with most of the family’s possessions. I bought it for a mere $60. To say there were some shooters not alert at that auction is an understatement. My intention was to keep the little Marlin until Randy was settled enough in life to give it a proper home, then I would gift it back where it belonged. However, Randy turned out to be seriously afflicted by diabetes. He suffered a seizure while driving when he was only 28 and was killed. Now the gun is mine and will become the property of our oldest son when the time is right. And it “Ain’t for sale.” [full article]

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