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OK – GUN RIGHTS – Tug of war over gun rights in Oklahoma

Their eye-catching red shirts peppered the Capitol, a now-familiar signal to lawmakers that Moms Demand Action mean business. “I think our great turnout yesterday showed lawmakers that we are watching, that we are engaged, and that we’re going to show up,” said Jessica Saffa. On the agenda this year, fighting guns on college campuses, keeping guns away from domestic abusers, there’s the bill that would lower the requirements for folks to carry guns in bars, and the biggest elephant in the room, constitutional carry. “We’ve already had a massive groundswell of folks interested in overturning this terrible dangerous bill,” she said. A bill to repeal constitutional carry, also known as permitless carry, will be heard Thursday, but should that fail, Moms Demand Action already has a ballot initiative in the works. “Yes, we would leave it to the voters and they would decide whether to keep it or strike it down,” said Saffa. Meanwhile, cropping up across the state, the new trend of Second Amendment Sanctuaries, so far five counties, about to be six. “I’ll make that declaration right now. It’s no more than a declaration from the sheriff’s office saying that we declare this to be fact that we’re not going to come to take anybody’s guns away from them,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.  [full article]

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