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OK – HUNTING – Waterfowl season starts Saturday – Get ready

The weather the last couple of weeks has been described as “weather only a duck could love,” so it is fitting that the duck hunting season is almost here. Waterfowl season for Zone 1&2 (which includes all the state except the panhandle) runs Nov. 14-29, and Dec. 5 – Jan 31. The remaining Youth waterfowl day for Zone 2 will be Feb. 6. Goose season runs Nov. 7-29 & Dec. 5- Feb. 14 for dark geese and light geese (all geese except white-fronted geese) and Nov. 7-29 & Dec. 5-Feb. 7 for white-fronts. Be sure to check the Oklahoma Waterfowl guide, which is in the regular Hunting booklet for seasons and bag limits for all waterfowl hunting. Ducks and geese numbers are beginning to increase in the state, and there is plenty of water for hunters to take advantage. Lakes and backwater areas are full and the colder weather up north is hitting just at the right time. Limits for this year’s waterfowl season are: Ducks – six combined of any species of duck, but may include no more than five mallards (only 2 can be hens), three wood ducks, two redheads, two canvasbacks, one scaup and one pintail; Geese – eight dark geese (Canada), two white-fronted geese, and 50 light geese (snow, Ross’ and blue). Hunter’s must possess a valid Oklahoma Hunting license, Oklahoma waterfowl permit, and a Federal Waterfowl stamp. Don’t forget to sign your federal stamp in ink across the face. For more waterfowl regulations and information, consult pages 66-69 of the Oklahoma Hunting Guide.  [full article]


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