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OK – NRA MEDIA – NRATV Creator Laid Off Dozens After Split From Gun Group: Lawyer

The ad firm that ran NRATV has laid off 50 employees since parting ways with the gun-rights group, its lawyer said in court Wednesday morning. That revelation came during a short hearing that ended with a narrow but hard-fought defeat for the NRA, and with the tentative scheduling of a deposition of the organization’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. The hearing was part of a months-long legal battle between the gun-rights group and its former ad firm, Ackerman McQueen. The two entities worked together closely for more than three decades, but their long relationship ended with an ugly break-up earlier this year, with both entities lobbing accusations of wrongdoing and suing each other for tens of millions of dollars. The fight has already left significant collateral damage, according to David Dickieson, a lawyer for Ackerman McQueen. He said in court that the ad firm had to close its office in Alexandria, Virginia, after the NRA stopped paying its invoices and declined to extend it a $3 million line of credit. In a hearing on June 26, Ackerman McQueen’s legal team predicted layoffs without an injection of cash from the NRA. But Judge Nolan Dawkins declined to require the NRA to pay the firm. This morning’s hearing focused on what level of access the NRA’s outside law firm would have to materials that Ackerman McQueen shares with it as part of the pre-trial discovery process.  [full article]

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