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OK – NRA – Oklahoma Senate approves resolution to encourage NRA to move to Sooner State

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A measure that encourages the National Rifle Association to move its headquarters to Oklahoma has passed the state Senate.

Sen. Micheal Bergstrom authored Senate Resolution 6, which encourages the NRA to move its headquarters to Oklahoma.

The resolution cites Oklahoma’s gun-friendly laws and history, including constitutional carry. It also references Oklahoma’s business-friendly climate in the wake of the pandemic and business closures and restrictions across the country.

“It just makes sense for Oklahoma to be the new home of the NRA,” Bergstrom said. “Oklahomans are extremely supportive and protective of their Second Amendment rights. We rank in the Top Ten in the country in firearms sales, and we’re open for business. The NRA loves liberty just like Oklahomans, and I know they’d fit right in here in Oklahoma. We are happy to show them all our state can offer.”

Officials say the NRA is currently looking to move from New York to Texas and are also considering moving its national headquarters out of Virginia.  [view source]

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