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OK – RETAILERS – Ammo shortage is real

Great literature aside, there really is an ammo shortage raging. Why? Three reasons: pandemic, politics and purchaser increases. According to Pew Pew Tactical, a firearms and ammo blog, ammunition supplies aren’t likely to rebound before summer of 2021. The pandemic, they explain, resulted in manufacturers having to reduce work force and even close doors temporarily.

Match that with civil unrest and pressure from leftist politicians, and the result is some 6.2 million new gun owners in 2020, as reported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation! Of course, new gun owners means increased demand for ammo, particularly in home defense and concealed carry calibers. Vista Outdoor, parent company to Federal, Speer, and Remington brands of ammo, report a year’s worth of backlog for their products. Also in great demand are products used for manufacturing ammunition, with primers being the best example. Lucky Gunner CEO Jake Felde said that without primers, machinery sits idle while demand surges. Dave Kiwacka, of Russian cartridge manufacturer Barnual, said ammo seekers need to be alert and shop daily. “Most of the time, when we see a live posting for ammo, it’s gone in minutes,” he said. Roy Hill of Brownells said to check a few times a day to see if anything has come back into stock. He noted that handgun ammo sells out quicker than rifle ammo. Rifles can be quite adequate for home defense, though there is always a concern of over penetration endangering unintended victims.

Gun owners, please bear in mind: stocking up is one thing; hoarding is another. Hoarding increases pressure on national demand and presents other problems, such as safe storage. Personally, I consider stocking up to be approximately twice what you think you will need. More than that could be considered hoarding. However, it’s your life and your decision.

Fred Causley is a former OSU Agriculture Communications employee and a longtime Stillwater resident and NRA member.  [full article]

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